Create Your Vision for 2022!

 Transform Your Life From Overwhelm To Mindful Productivity! 

Even If You’ve Struggled With Goal Setting and Establishing Effective Habits In The Past…

Serene Shereef, MD

Surgeon, Mom, Dreamer
Mindfulness & Productivity Life Coach

Discover how to connect to your Life Vision & Values, Create Your 2022 Vision Board, Set Your SMARTER Goals, & Design your NanoHabits to Create Your Best Year Ever!!!

In This FREE PROGRAM You Will Learn how to:

  • Connect to your life vision & core values
  • Build a relationship with your future self
  • Create SMARTER Goals in alignment with your vision & purpose in life
  • Create your digital vision board to help you manifest your dreams!
  • Create your nanohabits to make achieving your dreams not only possible, but inevitable

 And so much more.

You will complete the week with clarity on your most-impactful goals & actions for 2022, completing your vision board & setting habits for 2022 so you can live your best productive life. And you can finally have more time and energy for yourself and your loved ones!

I am ready to create my vision for 2022!