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Dec 01, 2020


I am Serene Shereef. I am a surgeon, medical educator, mom to 3 wonderful children, wife and life coach. I went through severe burnout and struggled to find any semblance of work or life balance. My life was focused on taking care of my patients and my family, and I was rarely on my own priority list. I thought losing myself and hitting rock bottom was the worst thing that could happen to me. Ironically, it saved me from never truly loving and taking care of myself!

I am here to share with you that there is a beautiful life after burnout and overwhelm.

Coaching transformed all areas of my life, helped me reconnect with my husband and children in a way that I had never thought was possible, & helped me deeply connect to all my loved ones. Most importantly, coaching helped me understand that our external circumstances and people are just facts. My thoughts and feelings shape my reality and life experience. This recognition allowed me to experience true peace and joy. I hold onto what "sparks joy" for me & let go of all that I can't change. 

In my search for the missing link of Wellness in a world focused on Pathophysiology and Therapeutics, I completed a degree in Health & Wellness. My research and training has been focused on facilitating life transformation and mindfulness.

My goal is to share with you these nuggets of wisdom in a way that is meaningful for your life, to help you discover clarity, design your dream life, and build habits as well as productivity systems that helps you live your best life!


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